New Glasgow Academy is a state of the art P-8 facility in New Glasgow which opened in September 2014. NGA welcomes students form Acadia Street, Temperance Street, New Glasgow Junior High and our new grade 7 students arriving from A.G. Baillie. Our new school has many highlights we are very proud of. The artistic characteristics include a 19 foot totem pole depicting the history of the feeder schools, the strong athletic and musical reputation of New Glasgow schools celebrating the magnitude of the cultures we embrace. A colourful glass tile mosaic encompasses our town, our culture, our beliefs. In addition, each child entering NGA has completed an individual tile that is displayed throughout the school.

Our enhanced gymnasium with bleacher seating for 200 will allow our athletic program to continue to flourish. The outside of the gymnasium’s mural highlights the East River, The Sampson Trail, The New Glasgow Flourish symbol and the history of ship building in our town.

Outside the gymnasium is the first ever natural playground honouring the Children’s Aid Society of Pictou County. With the legacy fund, we have been able to provide a safe, interactive, play based area for the children of Pictou County.


Get ready to share your thoughts!

On April 11th, CCRSB is starting a school-board wide survey to talk to parents and guardians, staff and community partners about how things are going now and what we can, as a school board, do to make things better for students in the future.

The survey is only three questions and can be finished in five to 10 minutes. Your voice is really important, so it would be great if you could take a moment to answer the questions and share your thoughts!

You’ll receive an email from the Superintendent of Schools, Gary Adams, explaining the process a little more. Then you’ll get an invitation from me, as your school principal, inviting you to join in. Click on the link in that email and you are ready to participate!

The thoughts you share will be used to help prepare for CCRSB’s next strategic plan and to provide some more insight into how our school is doing.

If you have any questions, you can send them to shareyourthoughts@ccrsb.ca.

Each Wednesday we’re posting student and staff videos, artwork, poetry and other creative expressions to the CCRSB website as part of the continuing conversation about social justice.

“What’s in your backpack?” asks all of us to look at ourselves and identify the things that make us who we are. Knowing what’s in another person’s backpack allows for greater understanding, empathy and acceptance. When we know better, we do better. 

Send your best artwork, a selfie or a video telling us what’s in your backpack, to StandUpAgainstBullying@ccrsb.ca, post it to our Facebook page or Tweet it to us. 

We’ll post it to the CCRSB website so that everyone can celebrate what makes you…you!

You can learn more about “What’s in your backpack?” and Stand Up. Speak Out. at www.ccrsb.ca.

May 2016

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